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Data-driven instructional support aimed to effectively support the academic success of African American male students.

Educational Consulting Services

Build the capacity of your teachers through:

customized consulting, strategic planning, and effective professional development.



Welcome to Let's Cultivate Learning! We are happy to have you here to learn more about Let's Cultivate Learning's work! With over nine years of experience as an educator, teacher leader, transformational speaker and coach, Jessica has proven results with increasing test scores and improving the social, emotional and academic success of students. Research shows that African American males are .....Through Let's Cultivate Learning, Jessica provides strategies for educators that when implemented can lead to developing meaningful relationships with Black Male students that result in: academic success, empowerment and a sense of belonging.

South Carolina State University

Education Specialist - Education Leadership

Francis Marion University

Master of Education - Instructional Accommodations

South Carolina State University

Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education

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Academic Background

With a focus on identity, relationships, and engagement, LCL seeks to create inclusive, engaging, and effective classroom for African American male students.

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Options for Every School:

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Virtual Professional

Learning & Coaching

Enroll teachers in a transformational learning experience with support, mentorship and live virtual coaching and professional development.

At all levels, virtual and in-person professional development provides teachers the best of

both worlds through a robust, transformative learning experience.

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Hybrid Professional

Learning & Coaching

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In-Person Professional

Learning & Coaching

A combination of 1:1 coaching and actionable

in-person professional development that is transformative and impactful.

Why Choose LCL?

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Increase students and educators' capacity for teaching and learning.

We aim to cultivate collaboration, positivity, and excellence for African American male students to achieve academic success.

We strive to help teachers create inclusive classrooms in which African American male students feel seen, heard and valued.

One important aspect of an inclusive learning experience is the creation of a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment. This can be achieved through culturally responsive teaching practices that honor and value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of African American male students.

At the end of working together, educators will walk away with:

➥ Instructional support that will facilitate high academic growth in students.

➥ A clear school-wide initiative has been successfully executed, planned and monitored.

➥ Educators who have mastered best practices to meet the social, emotional and well-being

needs of African American male students.

➥ Educators who feel confident, supported and are ready to make a difference.

Are you interested in enhancing the learning experience of African American male students in your school or district? Complete this form and someone will contact you soon.

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